Nat Breeding Value based on Dutch and Flemish information without Genomic information
Int Converted Breeding Value, based on information from foreign countries without Genomic information
MdnBreeding Value based on Dutch MRY and German Doppel Nutzung information without Genomic information
OFwConverted Breeding Value, based on foreign breeding value and conversion factors
GNatBreeding Value based on Dutch and Flemish information with Genomic information
GFwBreeding Value based on ancestor information and Genomic information
IGFwConverted Breeding Value, based on foreign genomic information and ancestor information
GintConverted Breeding Value, based on information from foreign countries with genomic information
GMdnBreeding Value based on Dutch MRY and German Doppel Nutzung information with genomic information

NVI, national index:

NVI =0.35*Inet + 0.09*Longevity + 5.2*(Udderhealth-100) + 5.2*(Fertility-100) +
5.2*(Udder-100) + 6*(Feet & Legs-100) + 2*(Calvingindex-100)
Inet = -0.03*kg lactose + 2.1*kg fat + 4.1*kg protein
Udderhealth = 0.477*(Subclinical Mastitis-100) +
0.641*(Clinical Mastitis-100) + 100
Fertility = 0.786*(Interval First-Last Insemination-100) +
0.322*(Interval Calving-First Insemination-100) + 100
Calvingindex = 0.08*(Direct Calving Ease-100) +
0.08*(Maternal Calving Ease-100) +
0.55*(Direct Vitality-100) +
0.83*(Maternal Vitality-100) + 100


Frame =0.45*(Chest widtha-100) + 0.45*(Body deptha-100) +
0.69*(Rump angled-100) + 0.69*(Rump widtha-100) + 100
Dairy strength =-0.035*(Chest widthb-100)2 - 0.035*(Body depthb-100)2 + 0.84*(Angularity-100) +
0.84*(Condition score-100) + 0.28*(Rump width-100) + 101
Feet & legs =0.23*(Rear legs rear view-100) - 0.0325*(Rear legs side viewb-102)2 +
0.16*(Foot angle-100) + 0.78*(Locomotion-100) + 100
Udder =0.37*(Fore udder attachment-100) + 0.09*(Front teat placement-100) - 0.0075*(Teat lengthb-100)2 +
0.37*(Udder depth-100) + 0.37*(Rear udder height-100) + 0.28*(Central ligament-100) -
0.28*(Rear teat placementc-100) + 100
Calculation total score:
Black and white/Red and white = 0.30*(Frame-100) + 0.15*(Dairy strength-100) + 0.53*(Udder-100) + 0.53*(Feet & legs-100) + 100
Dual purpose/Belgian blue = 0.23*(Frame-100) + 0.15*(Dairy strength-100) + 0.45*(Udder-100) + 0.45*(Feet & legs-100) +
0.23*(Muscularity-100) + 100
a = Cutoff breeding values above 104
b = Breeding values are optimum traits with quadratic functions: optimum Chest width, Body depth, Teat length 100
and Rear legs side view 102, with a maximum of 12 points deviation from the optimum
c =Minimum value of 92.
d =Cutoff breeding values above 108

Genetical factors

BD+Carrier of Bulldogs
BD-non-carrier of Bulldogs
BL+Carrier of Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (BLAD)
BL-Non-carrier of BLAD
BR+Carrier of Black/Red (Telstar factor)
BY+Carrier of Brachyspina
BY-Non-Carrier of Brachyspina
CD+Carrier of Cholerestin Defizit Haplotyp (CDH)
CD-Non-Carrier of CDH
CV+Carrier of Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM)
CV-Non-carrier of CVM
D1+Carrier of CMD-1 (BWB)
D1-Non-carrier of CMD-1 (BWB)
D2+Varrier of CMD-2 (BWB)
D2-Non-carrier of CMD-2 (BWB)
DP+Carrier of Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthase (DUMPS)
DP-Non-carrier of DUMPS
GG+Carrier Dwarfism (BWB)
GG-Non-carrier Dwarfism (BWB)
GT+Carrier of Gladde Tong (FH,Dutch Friesian)
MF+Carrier of Mulefoot
MF-Non-carrier of Mulefoot
OT+Carrier of Otter
PO*Homozygous Polled
PO+Carrier of Polled
PO-Non-carrier of Polled
QT+Carrier of Crooked tail syndrome (BWB)
QT-Non-carrier of Crooked tail syndrome (BWB)
RF+Carrier of Red Factor
RF-Non-carrier of red Factor
RT+ Carrier of RT translocation
TV+ Carrier of Twentse paralysis
ZN+ Carrier of Zinc deficiency

Degree of kinship:

The degree of kinship of an animal is an expression for the genes that an animal has in common with the reference population of his own breed. A black Holstein Friesian bull is only compared with black Holstein Friesian cows. For a bull to get a degree of kinship certain criteria have to be met:

The degree of kinship is only calculated for the breeds which have their origin in the Netherlands and Flanders, such as HF (Holstein Friesian), MRY, FH (Dutch Friesian), Belgium Blue etc

The calculated degree of kinship is expressed in percentages, as a integer.

This means that for a bull with a kinship of 8, 8% of his genes are in common with the cows of his own breed.

Relative Breeding Values:

In the Dutch and Flemisch Breeding Value estimation many of the Breeding Values are published on a relative scale.

This means that the unit of observation is different from the way breeding value of the trait is published.

A relative breeding value has an average of 100 and the standard deviation is 4 points. Most animals will have a breeding value between 88 and 112 points.

With an average breeding Value of 100, the frequency of animals with a certain breeding value in the population is:

Breeding Value Frequency
< 88 0.1%
88-91 2.2%
92-95 13.6%
96-104 68.2%